The New Activity Page

If you’ve been a loyal DentalHQ partner office for any span of time, you’ll likely have a love-hate relationship with our Reports page. We get it – there are Payout Reports and Monthly Reports and you need all of that but keeping all of that straight can be difficult.

So the brilliant minds in our User Experience department got together over nachos and beer and came up with what we think is one of the most significant upgrades to the DentalHQ platform in days:

The Activity Page.

Taking cues from many online banking websites, we’ve organized all the reports on one page with an Activity ledger – that we call Membership Transactions – anchoring the layout. This way, you can see a chronological list of membership activity – enrollments, additions, changes, cancellations, etc. – along with your payout reports and your monthly reports.

Both sets of reports are filterable – you can view any of the prior three months, this year-to-date, last year, and each year you’ve been a partner office. And you can download a PDF or a CSV of any report.

On the Membership Transactions list, you can also filter by the past three months, year-to-date, and any prior full years, PLUS you can dial in a specific date range.

We think this will dramatically simplify the information-gathering process for you, and help increase awareness of how your membership plan is performing for your office.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]


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